Friends status in english | Best friends status in english

 Friends status in English | Best friends status in English

Hello my name is Mayank and I keep bringing very good poetry for you. Like
friends status in English,Shayari is written for those who deserve it, so I
am writing this poem for our capable friends here,I have been writing this
poem from months somewhere, I will keep the best unique quotes for you, Our
friends are that precious treasure that will not be found by searching
anywhere, we should consider it easy that God gave us such friends,So just
enjoy this best friend status today and share it to your friend on Facebook
and Whats-app. 

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Best friend status in English

It is not a special thing to make many friends in life,
but it is
special to have a friendship with the same friend throughout life.

 A single rose can be my garden…
a lonely friend my world.


“No matter what bastard you are from school,
I miss him a lot after
school ends…”

“Often fall in love,
Love never diminishes in friendship over


  “Never ask me friendship with you
Who told you that trees never
sell shade!”

“You don’t know worldliness, but you know so much,
How true friendship
is played!”

friends status in English for Instagram

“A true friend never comes your way,
Unless you are going the wrong
“A true friend is that…
Who is standing with you at that time
he should have been somewhere else !!” 

“The word “”friend”” can mean a lot
The one who destroys our guilt is
the “”friend””!”


Friendship attitude status in English

“We are not afraid of the enemy’s enemy,
We are afraid to let friends be angry .. !!”
“O God in your court – keep my bail,
May i stay or not! – Keep my
friends safe .. !!”
“Friendship is never with special people,
People who become friends
only become special…”

Friends status in English for Facebook

“Children ask for will, relationships ask for status,
He is the only
friend who asks for my welfare .. !!”
“Friendship is never with special people,
Only those people who become
become special.”
“If I live, I will support my friends
If you forget then get married
“The difference is in your own thoughts, sir.
Otherwise friendship is
also not less than love !!!”
“There is never any rule in the friendship of friends,
And to teach
this, there is no school .. !!”
“How lucky are you
Got a lovely and innocent friend like me….”
People see wealth, we see dignity,
people see destination,
see travel,
people make friends,
we play it.
Whomever I give a place in my heart,
I take care of them more than
as if you are my friend.
Come… .. give some other name to the liaison,
this friendship has
become a bad name ..
We do not keep friends to spend time,
we keep time to stay with
True friends never let us fall,
neither in the eyes of anyone,
in anyone’s footsteps. !!

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